The Unappreciated Woman

She woke up early every morning. She ran downstairs to brush her teeth and shower in the guest bathroom in order to not wake her husband and kids, a twin boy and girl. After twenty minutes in the shower, she lavished herself with her Bath & Body spray and lotion. Then she admired herself in the mirror. At 33, she had maintained her 150lbs at 5’10 height, and she was married to a man who grossed a six-figure salary.

As she waited for the pancakes to get golden on the bottom, she grabbed her cup of coffee and stared out the kitchen window into the streets. The streets were dark and quiet with the paper boy delivering the daily news. But she stood there, as she does every morning, wondering if the other wives in her neighborhood were up doing the same thing. Because this was her morning five to six days a week, and it just didn’t seem fair.

She flipped the pancakes just in time for them to be golden brown. She stirred the eggs, cut the vegetables and browned the turkey sausage in order to make mini omelets. At the same time, she gathered the ingredients to make her husband’s healthy shake. He would not eat in the morning, but for the past 10 years, she made him a shake to start off his day that included all the essential fruits and vegetables. Despite the number of times that she used the blender and the crazy noise it made downstairs, no one ever woke up in the house.

Finally, she was done. It was 6:30 a.m., and the family breakfast was spread out on the kitchen table. She could hear the bathroom door open upstairs which was a sign that her kids were up. So she sat at the kitchen table and poured herself a glass of orange juice and just thought about how she had done all of this for the past 10 years for her family.

She was the attractive, devoted wife to a man who had countless affairs and who failed to satisfy her emotionally and physically. He only recognized her at parties when his colleagues complimented her physique. She was the attentive mom to her children, but she was endlessly making their lunches, helping with homework and school projects and baking the delicious class cookies that would make the other parents jealous. She lived for them, although there was never a “thank you” or a sense of appreciation that came from them.

Already dressed in their prep school uniforms, the kids came down the stairs for breakfast. Her husband proceeded with the cellphone glued to his ear, grabbing his shake out of the cooler where his wife usually placed it. Without a good morning, the kids grabbed the food off the table and began eating. Then her husband yelled, “Come on kids, it’s time to go.” The kids hurried with their food. Without washing their hands, they ran to the living room and grabbed their bookbags and proceeded out of the house with their dad, leaving the unappreciated woman all alone.


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