Too Broken to be Used

Are you sure, God?

There are other people who are more qualified than me.

Why would you want to use me when you know so much about me?

Those are just some of the thoughts that I share with God on a continuous basis.  There are times when I don't know how I was chosen to be on the team when I’ve messed up during the try-outs. He sees my potential in the middle of my failure, mistakes, doubts, and insecurities.  He has equipped me with the tools to stand amongst my peers and declare to my inner man that I am qualified.

At times, I am like Mephibosheth in the bible, whose father was Jonathan and grandfather was Saul.  After the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, Mephibosheth's nurse took him and fled in panic.  While fleeing, Mephibosheth, who was five-years-old, was injured and became crippled and lame. His confidence was shattered. Mephibosheth was tied down by his situation. He was a cripple, had lost his heritage, and lived in a desolate place named Lo Debar (also known as the land of nothing).

Sometimes, life’s circumstances have you believing that you are not good enough to be the chosen one. You look at the number of times you’ve had your heart broken so then the right person comes along and you doubt the possibility of happiness.  Or with just a high school diploma, you are promoted to a managerial position at your job and called to sit in meetings with top executives of the company but fear impregnates you because somehow you don’t believe you’re qualified.  Maybe God called you to preach the gospel but your past is filled with drugs, harlotry, or bad decisions yet God sees the potential and purpose tied to your future to lead many to Christ.

See, despite Mephibosheth’s disability, he was a recipient of grace because King David came looking for anyone who was left in the house of Saul so that he could show kindness, on behalf of Jonathan, his late friend and Mephibosheth’s dad (2 Samuel 9: 1-12). When David came looking for someone in Saul’s house, the servant Ziba appeared and she told David that Mephibosheth was in the house but he was crippled. David was not focused on his disability so he had Mephibosheth come to him. Mephibosheth appeared before David ashamed and afraid but David said, "Don’t be afraid for I will surely show you kindness for the sake of your father Jonathan. I will restore to you all the land that belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will always eat at my table.”

Life had Mephibosheth believing that he was a “dead dog” and no one could see or want him. He was broke and useless.  However, David saw and wanted him and invited Mephibosheth to come eat at his table like a King.  That’s what God does.  Just when you think you are not qualified or too broken to be used, God makes room for you at the table.  The delicacies, dinner, and dessert leaves you with a lasting impression. Ultimately, life will throw obstacles your way but you are never too broken to be used.

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