The Journal Entry of Hannah
National Poetry Month

These clouded windows
Shaped my heart
He was great
But it was me
That was tearing us apart
Because this internal desire
Was burning inside me
Like fire
Feeling so less
I couldn't see his best
Too distracted with this test
For I wanted what I wanted
And couldn't explain

Yes God, it was me your daughter
Who is crying these tears again
Any empty womb as my
Biological clock is ticking
Screaming and kicking
Wondering why you left me
Here just waiting
Don't you see the Peninnahs
Coming my way
With empty words that leave me
Wounded at the end of the day
Didn't you say you would give me
The desires of my heart
Rescue me for this internal pain
Is tearing me part
I love this man
And He loves me
But this has left me empty
Can you hear this pain
Deep in my soul
My simple prayer is
Please, make me whole
So I won't come to you
With these tears again
While you’re doing great things
I don't want to be focused on my
Biological clock that's ticking
Rescue me from myself
For I am in need
Of your help


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